About Niseko Academy

Private Lessons, Powder Guiding and Instructor Training

Our Mission

To provide visitors with a premier ski and snowboard lesson, guiding and instructor training service, unparallelled by any other school in the Niseko Area.

The story of how Niseko Academy came about goes something like this...

In 1993 a snow-searching, globe-trotting Brit named Brian came to Japan. He discovered the wonders of sake, sushi and Japanese powder while working in Nagano, followed by Appi Kogen (Tohoku), in the main island of Honshu, and developed a small addiction with the country he now calls home.

While gathering more teaching experience doing seasons in the States, New Zealand and Europe, Brian realised how good he had it in Japan and decided it was time to move back. In 2005 he found his way to Niseko where he founded the first international instructor training academy in Japan.

Over the following seasons in Niseko, Brian became aware of a real inconsistency in the quality of lessons taking place on the mountain. He wondered if Niseko guests were really getting the quality of tuition they deserved and decided to start teaching private lessons in between his instructor training courses. Brian's clientele grew and before he knew it his Niseko ski school began.

Over and above all the amazing experience and qualifications our team have, each and every one of our instructors has the ability to teach people from all walks of life and truly cater any lesson to an individual's needs.

Read about our coaches here or check out our instructor training and powder guiding services...

"There's some really great ski resorts around the world with amazing instructors. Niseko is among these great resorts but is the level of instruction really comparable? We don't hire 20 year old, freshly-certified instructors like most schools in Niseko. We find talented seasoned professionals to ensure our customers get the BEST lesson possible."

- Brian Findlay