Introducing another one of our female coaches, this time on skis…

Academy PROfiles blog series number 5 with Chie Tanaka!

Chie Tanaka profile shotHailing from Nihon itself, Chie is the most “local” of the Academy team. With excellent English, plus teaching experience around Japan and overseas in New Zealand, Chie brings a huge amount of passion to the team. She’s also a jazz singer, appearing regularly at Half Note Jazz Bar in Hirafu. Read on for more about Chie…

Chie, so how many seasons have you been teaching for now?
“This is my 19th season teaching. I started in Nagano and Niigata area, teaching at many different resorts. I did a few seasons in New Zealand, then moved to Niseko.”

And how many seasons in Niseko now?
“This will be my ninth season here.” (as of 2014)

What do you like to do when you’re not skiing?
“I enjoy laughing, floating, soaking (lots of Onsen), eating, singing and sleeping ;)”

What’s your best tip for a first time visitor to Niseko?
“Only one tip? How about five…
* Book an instructor six months ahead and the good restaurants three months ahead.
* Get light colored goggle lenses, warm groves and a balaclava.
* Try to find the most beautiful snow flakes as they fall into your hand.
* Get Yumeguri Pass for the local Onsens if you’re here for longer than a week.
* Enjoy the Japanese live jazz music at Niseko Half Note on the weekends.”

What’s your favourite “niche” to teach?
“Everything! No matter who, where or what. I am here not just for the awesome powder skiing, but the complete Niseko experience. I love to see people smile and see them enjoying Niseko the way I do!!!”

After Niseko, where’s your next favourite place to ski/ride?
“After Niseko will be Niseko again, haha! I do love to ski Craigieburn in New Zealand, but I’ve never been to USA and Europe – I’ll go there one day.”

Chie in Action

About the Academy PROfiles

We’ve got a rather interesting group of coaches here at Niseko Academy (artists, musicians, sound engineers, photographers, the list keeps going), and we’d really like to tell a bit about who they are. Most ski and snowboard coaches out there have multiple strings to their bow after all – but our team have some pretty multi-coloured strings!

This mini-blog series will give you a little background on our coaches; what they love, their experience on the snow and some tips on visiting Niseko.